Dental Implants in Vermillion

Looking for a long-term solution for missing teeth in Vermillion? Dental implants can replace one, several, or all of your teeth permanently. Contact Houska Dental today for a consultation.


High-Quality Treatment

Biohorizon And Biologics

We exclusively use high-quality BioHorizon titanium dental implants for a durable restoration you can trust. Dr. Randy also uses Biologics wound dressings and sutures to ensure a fast, simple, and comfortable healing process after your initial dental implant surgery. 

A Lovely Smile

How It Works: The Dental Implant Placement And Restoration Process

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Implant Surgery

At your initial appointment, Dr. Randy will perform surgery to place a durable, strong metal implant into your gums and jaw. This functions as an artificial tooth root.

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Recovering & Building The Restoration 

It takes up to 3-6 months for the implant to “osseointegrate” and bond with your jaw. During this time, you will come in for follow-ups to check your progress and start building your implant restoration.

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Final Restoration Placement 

Once you’re fully healed, you’ll come back to Houska Dental for a final appointment. Dr. Randy will check your restoration and attach it to your implant to complete your treatment.

Find Out If You’re A Candidate

Dental Implant Options

We can use dental implants to restore a single missing tooth, several teeth, or a full mouth of missing teeth. Learn more below.

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Single-Tooth Implants

Single-tooth implants use one dental implant and a dental crown to replace a tooth. The implant functions as an artificial root and the crown is placed onto the implant to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth.

Full-Arch Implants

Full-arch implants use multiple dental implants to restore the entire upper, lower, or both arches of your teeth. They are a great alternative to traditional dentures. A series of multiple implants is used to support a set of removable snap on dentures or permanent implant-retained dentures.

Snap On Dentures

Snap on dentures attach to full-arch implants, and can be easily snapped on and removed at will, similarly to traditional dentures. Some patients prefer this, particularly if they’re used to traditional dentures.

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I actually love coming to the dentist thanks to Dr. Randy. Would highly recommend.

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Madi K.

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This dentist and his staff are amazing.  I was traveling from Pa  and broke a tooth. They got me in, extracted the tooth and were very reasonably priced. The staff and dentist answered all questions  and were great. I cant say enough good about them.

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Joanne M.

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My experience here has been without a doubt the best experience I have ever had with a dental office.  Everyone here is friendly and they recognized me on my second visit!  Questions are answered and concerns are addressed in a friendly manner.

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Jim M.

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