Teeth Whitening in Vermillion

Not happy with your smile in Vermillion? If you’re suffering from stains and tooth discoloration, Dr. Randy and the team at Houska Dental are here to help with professional at-home teeth whitening kits. Contact us now for a consultation.


How At-Home Teeth Whitening Works

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Fitting Your Trays

To begin the process, you’ll come to Houska Dental, and Dr. Randy will take impressions of your teeth. These are sent to a dental lab, where your whitening trays will be built.

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Picking Up Your Trays

In a few weeks, you will come back to our office to get instructions, a set of whitening products, and your custom whitening trays from Dr. Randy.

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Whitening Your Smile At Home

Follow Dr. Randy’s instructions to whiten your teeth at home and enjoy your bright, brilliant, beautiful smile.

Reverse Stains & Yellowing

What To Expect From The At-Home Teeth Whitening Process

Wondering what the at-home teeth whitening process is like? Here’s a bit more information about what you can expect when you choose at-home whitening from Dr. Randy at Houska Dental. 

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2-3 Weeks 

Most patients will start seeing a big difference in the brightness of their teeth after about a week of treatment. Full results may take between 2-3 weeks depending on the situation. 

1 Hour

Usually, you’ll be directed to wear your teeth whitening trays for about 1 hour at a time, though this may differ if you have severe stains. Most patients opt to whiten their teeth in the evening after work or school. 

Teeth Sensitivity

You will likely experience some minor tooth sensitivity after each daily treatment, and this may persist for a few days after your treatment ends. This is normal. To cope with this, keep brushing regularly, consider switching to an anti sensitivity toothpaste like Sensodyne, and avoid really hot and cold foods and drinks. 

A Bright, Beautiful Smile

The end results of at-home whitening are just as good as in-office treatment. Since your teeth are whitened more gradually, it will not be as obvious to others that your teeth have been whitened. 

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I actually love coming to the dentist thanks to Dr. Randy. Would highly recommend.

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Madi K.

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This dentist and his staff are amazing.  I was traveling from Pa  and broke a tooth. They got me in, extracted the tooth and were very reasonably priced. The staff and dentist answered all questions  and were great. I cant say enough good about them.

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Joanne M.

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My experience here has been without a doubt the best experience I have ever had with a dental office.  Everyone here is friendly and they recognized me on my second visit!  Questions are answered and concerns are addressed in a friendly manner.

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Jim M.

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